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Your Hotel in your Pocket

WhatsApp Style Messaging

One to One chats

Group chats (Channels)

Reply to. Forward. Copy.

Chat info. Mentions.

Task Management

Manage Guest/Internal Requests

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Custom Scheduling-Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly
Rerouting. Deleting. Reopen. Update.
Park for a future date. Unpark. Reset Time.
Add more resources to a task. Add Time Spent.

Record Guest Feedback

Guest Feedback Dashboards

Record recoveries and costs

Email and App notifications

AI based monthly summary reports

Unlimited Checklists

Schedule Inspections. Create templates.

Create scoring checklist with custom weights

Single select. Multi-select. Mandatory.

Room Data at your fingertips

Room History

Room history on the mobile & desktop.

Guest info. Maintenances. One window.

Integrate with your GRMS.

Search history for any date.

And More....

Assignments – Manual. Group. Auto.
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Escalations – Before & After Overdue
Handover Logs – Your Templates
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Automated Tasks – Parallel & Sequential
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Record Lost and Found items.
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Quick Requests – Create quickly.

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