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Custom Workflows

Example Workflow #1

This workflow allows a user to create an inspection checklist, find out issues, create quotation instantly and send for approval. On approval, all the tasks are automatically created.

Example Workflow #2

Work Order creates an inspection checklist and all the findings of the checklists become sub tasks automatically.

Work Order


Create Sub Tasks

Example Workflow #3

Create a work order which results in a series of sequential tasks defined by the user.

Work Order

Create Sequential Tasks

Manage PM’s effectively

Preventive Maintenances

Drag & Drop Calendar

The current PPM Calendar month is loaded and the user can view all tasks spread across the month and drag & drop based on staff availability.

52 Week Calender for each Asset type

The user can view all the PPM’s across a filtered list of asset groups over a 52 week period. This allows an easy way to monitor the completion of all such PPM’s in a single view.

PPM Dashboard by Frequency Type

All the PPM’s are classified according to frequency and job status allowing the user to get filtered views of PPMs based on custom selections.

Unlimited Checklists

Schedule Inspections. Create templates.

Create scoring checklist with custom weights

Single select. Multi-select. Mandatory.

Assign and track corrective actions.

Inventory Module

Manage Inventory

Update materials to any work order

Manage suppliers

Stock-ins. Stock Adjustments.

Inventory Reports

Coming Soon

Readings Module

Capture Readings Through Forms

Usage based Graphs on the mobile

Reading Dashboard on the Desktop

Readings Reports on Demand

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